EEA (European Evangelical Alliance)
The EEA is an independent non-profit NGO, representing more than 15 million Evangelicals in over 35 European countries. The EEA is involved in monitoring broad or specific areas of proposed EU legislation. The main areas of interest currently include religious freedom, development, immigration, social inclusion and equal opportunities for all, as well as cultural and religious diversity. The EEA's Brussels office actively represents the concerns of its national Evangelical Alliances, and affiliated networks and agencies to the EU Institutions, and vice versa. EEA is committed to equipping Evangelicals across Europe to get involved in society. They are particularly interested in supporting the next generation of leaders.

IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students)
Students reaching students with the gospel worldwide.

As Christian students graduate from universities, IFES works to equip them to live out their faith in all aspects of life, in their communities, churches, workplace and in the public arena. John Stott has said "I believe IFES to be one of the most strategic of all Christian movements today." IFES is assisting the national movements in Western and Central Europe in the effective fulfilling of their aim of bringing Christian witness to the student world and does that by providing training for staff and leadership development. IFES worldwide works with indigenous national movements in more than 150 countries which have universities.