Group Projects 2008

The Forum sessions were designed to help students to prepare specific projects, enabling them to synthesise and articulate some of what they have learned during the Forum. Group Projects were run by the students themselves over 4 days, with guidance from professional mentors. Each Group Project was designed so as to be possibly implemented at a local level. Group Projects allowed students to network and know more about each other's political backgrounds and local situations too. All project groups presented their work to the rest of the students on Thursday night session. The projects were the following:

1. A pro-active political campaign on a specific issue [download]
2. Writing a party political manifesto - key values & priorities
    for Judaeo-Christian party [download]
3. Local government plan to promote integration of Muslims and mutual
    respect between communities [download]
4. Creating an anticorruption plan for a nation [download]
5. Freedom of speech and freedom of press [download]
6. Human Rights - "Religious Liberty" [download]