The Forum will help students and young graduates understand how they, as Christians, can make a difference to the future of Europe through participation in EU decision making, in involvement in civil society at home and internationally, and through the careers they will choose.
Plenary sessions (including Bible expositions and topic-of-the-day lectures), interactive small groups and the "Forum Project" will be supplemented by visits to the European Parliament and meetings with EU officials.

A Student Prayer Breakfast will be also held during one of the Forum mornings.
It will give a chance for cross-generation interceding for Europe, a continent which is lost but not forgotten. For the Student Prayer Breakfast, the Forum participants will be joined by the politicians and civil servants active in Brussels.

Forum participants will share quality time with mentors from various professions. There will also be opportunities to visit the centre of Brussels.

Besides plenary sessions, there will be opportunity to choose between a variety of interactive mini-sessions to suit own interests and possible career ideas.