Evaluation and Personal Reflections from the ESF2008

Have your expectations of the European Student Forum (ESF) been fulfilled?

Israel, female, 26 years
"Yes and much more than that"

Poland, female, 24 years
"Yes they have. It was even more than what I have expected!!! Much more."

Bulgaria, female, 24 years
"Yes. The forum was more fulfilled than I expected."

Lithuania, female, 24 years

Finland, female, 27 years
"Fulfilled to the point where my cup runneth over!"

Hungary, female, 23 years
"Yes, more than fulfilled. Fantastic, professionally and spiritually. Thank you so much!!"

What specific thing do you think God has accomplished in your life at the Forum?

Poland, male, 26 years
"Assured me with my responsibility for Europe and EU"

Israel, female, 26 years
"He opened my eyes to see with big eyes that we can change the world by his strength"

Poland. Female, 24 years
"I think I got courage to do what is important, to use my skills and opportunities to serve God through my profession."

Lithuania, female, 24 years
"Given me strength to step out of "safe area" and be ready to work in our society. Given the specific way of doing that"

In what ways were you affirmed or challenged:

Poland, female, 24 years
"I definitely want to be a Tove that God can use. I feel ready."

Denmark, female, 24 years
"I should not be a sub-Christian apart from the world, but a Salt-Christian in the world. It is not easy but I hope and trust that God will do his work in me"

Has the ESF changed / inspired your plans for the future? Do you want to get involved in making a positive change as "salt and light" in society? If so, how?

Lithuania, female, 24 years
"I want to get involved in law, lobbying process. During the forum I met people who gave me knowledge on how to improve."

Has it given you some ideas about how to make a difference locally, nationally or at the European level? If so, mention some, try to be specific.

Poland, female, 24 years
Prayer Breakfast for young people in business (Young graduates) in Warsaw."

U.K. (England), male, 22 years
"We need to deeply respect other cultures and people. We need to stand up for our rights."

Finland, female, 27 years
"I now believe that it is possible to make a change just by doing my work properly, whatever that may turn out to be."

What have you learnt about respect for other cultures, anti-discrimination, the fight against corruption, peace and human rights during the ESF?

Israel, female, 26 years
"I got to know so many different cultures of people from all over Europe and I learned so much from them. I learned that we as Christians can and should fight against corruption and should more respect other peoples' opinions and human rights."

Serbia, male, 23 years
"I learned to respect other cultures a lot. We are so different and unique."

Have you got to know young people from other European countries with whom you want to network in the future?

Portugal, female
"Yes! I'm making friendships for life".

Poland, female, 24 years
"Yes! The whole group was fantastic. Perfect size! Incredible people!!!"