Vision and goals

God calls his people to be his ambassadors in the world, demonstrating the Gospel and its values in personal and public spheres of life. God changes society by enabling his people to make a difference in their spheres of influence. Students, who often become future leaders in the society, need to reflect about career issues while still at university. They need support, mentoring help and ongoing advice to prepare them for a life of witness in their homes, universities, as well as future workplaces and communities.

Based on these convictions, EEA and IFES are inviting Christian students and young graduates to the European Student Forum in Brussels, 2014.

The vision of the Forum is to equip students and young graduates to serve God in society.

The Forum will provide opportunity for participative learning about "our responsibility in Europe's future" in the specific areas of politics, economics, and the media & culture, all based on Christian values, worldview and faith.

The Forum will aim to:
  •  Inspire future leaders to take responsibility for the public arena   
  •  Equip future leaders of integrity to understand Europe of today
         and tomorrow   
  •  Influence these future leaders to make an impact on society
         as "salt and light" within a framework of biblical worldview